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Conveniently located in Brampton, with easy access by car and transit, FREE on-site parking is always available.
30-90 Minute Massage Therapy Treatments

You can choose from a 30 minute massage, perfect for a quick but effective lunch time treament; or 45, 60 & 90 minute treatments tailored to your individual needs!

Prices Range From $50 - $150

We offer special rates for seniors!

Paraffin Wax Bath Treatments
Paraffin Wax Bath Treatments are perfect for sore or arthritic hands, feet or a specific joint such as the knee.
A soothing wax application is applied to the desired area(s) then wrapped and kept warm for 10-20 minutes.  A gentle neck shoulder massage is received whilst the wax cools.  The treated area will then receive any neccesary treatment.
You can enjoy this application on its own, or incorprate it into any massage therapy treatment.

Prices Range From $15 - $25




Muscle Stimulation Therapy


Muscle Stimulation Therapy or "Muscle Stim", is a technique used to heal tissue at the cellular level.  It is commonly used for conditions such as tendonitis, sciatica and muscle spasms/strains/sprains.


If a typical massage treatment is not yeilding results in a reasonable amount of time for your injury, your therapist will recommend adding Muscle Stim to your treatment plan.


Price: $1 per minute

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